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Over the last ten years, we have had the amazing opportunity to live and work in many unique places within the Buddhist World. God has allowed us to see many great victories, overcome battles, and have unique encounters as we sought to make His name known amongst Buddhist people. During this time, I have been collecting various stories and testimonies that happen along the way. Some of these stories will be long, and some will be short; some will be funny, and some may bring sorrow; some are to motivate, and others are simply to open our eyes to the spiritual darkness that hovers over the Buddhist World. However, all of them are meant to help bring people on a journey into the Buddhist World. While I wish that all could end with amazing Kingdom wins where people’s lives are forever changed, global work is not that easy. Global work is often difficult and painstaking, and it is only after years of toiling does one see the fruit of their labor. I hope these stories encourage Christians to pray more, give more to unreached areas of the world, and possibly mobilize more workers to labor alongside us!

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